LANY: A Different ‘Kinda Hericane’ in 2019

LANY The Ritz Raleigh NC hericane
LANY SOLD OUT at The Ritz Raleigh June 1st 2019

In June of 2017, the L.A. —> New York band, LANY (lay-knee), released a song called “Hericane” on their self-titled debut album. It couldn’t be a more fitting song title for fans in the Raleigh area, considering the band’s first local headline show took place the Sunday after Hurricane Matthew. A couple hundred dedicated fans braved road closures and flooding to make it to the “Kinda” tour on October 9th, 2016. Almost three years later, Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest released their second album. They are currently on a massive world tour, including a recent sold-out show at The Ritz in Raleigh.


The first song I heard by LANY was “ILYSB” (I Love You So Bad stripped version!) around the spring of 2016. I was instantly hooked and played it to no end. *Goes on YouTube and watches all of the live performances of the song.* This one is my FAVORITE! I finally branched out and listened to the rest of the songs on their EPs. Quickly I fell in love with “4EVER!”, “Someone Else” (check out this baby version), “Walk Away,” and later, “pink skies.” The kinda EP was a very well-timed soundtrack to summer days. At the time, LANY seemed to have a pretty defined fan base even before the release of their debut album.

LANY is the kind of band you discover, and you wonder why you hadn’t listened to them earlier. All the bands you see fans talking about on your Twitter feed are worth the listen! I did the same thing with The 1975, believe it or not. Somehow, I overlooked them and ignored their music until it hit me in the face. I bit the bullet with LANY, and I’m so glad I did!


Another timely release came for me as the “Kinda” tour passed through Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro in October 2016. This might have been the best gig ever for LANY fans! Cat’s Cradle is a great venue to see up-and-coming bands before you find yourself at the back of a sold-out theater, straining to see the stage. The group had just built momentum, opening for Oh Wonder there that June. You will never regret seeing an act there.

While the hurricane blowing through over the weekend might have put a damper on individual travel plans, it had its perks for those who could make it. The queue was minimal, a relatively unheard-of advantage for LANY fans today. There was plenty of space to stand and dance, a perfect view, and an overall intimate feel. My favorite memory from the show was when PJK (singer Paul Klein) had to stop at the beginning of “Current Location” and take in the fact that everyone in the room was screaming the lyrics back to him. His reaction, “You know it!?” still resonates with me today. I learned my lesson; if you can, go to the gig!


So, that ends the crazy trips for LANY shows, right? Nope. Not at all. I had to see them again. The boys had been gearing up for their debut album release while simultaneously on tour. Even better, they were coming back to Cat’s Cradle on a Saturday! However, luck is rarely on my side, and that date was out of the question. Road trip to Charlotte and back in one night a month before album release? OFC, BRB!

This gig at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte had a completely different feel. It was packed! Practically every fan knew all the words from the EP songs up to the newest release weeks before the show. Don’t expect many people to be quietly enjoying the music at their shows. Expect to dance, jump, and sing every word at the top of your lungs.

Paul, Jake, and Les released their debut album, LANY, in June 2017. Are we seeing a pattern for these summer releases? The album is written, produced, and mixed by LANY, with a few guest writers and producers. Aside from the EP favorites, my favorite tracks on this album are “It Was Love,” “13,” “Hericane,” and “The Breakup.”


This band does not mess around when it comes to releasing new music. Fans barely had enough time to soak up the glory of the first album before they were on to the next. No time to breathe here. Kinda like the lifestyle in L.A. or NY…hmmm… The first heartbreaking single, “Thru These Tears,” was another summer release a little over a year later.

The release of their second album, Malibu Nights, brings more summer vibes tunes and a massive world tour. I was shrieking with pride when I saw they were playing at The Ritz, Raleigh! If anyone was prepared for this tour, I am not sure how. Purchasing tickets and arranging travel plans is one thing, but it is an entirely different feeling to experience the pre-show craze of a sold-out gig. Nonexistent queues? More like camping days in advance. Space to stand and dance? Try VIP or upstairs if you’re lucky. Perfect view? Sure, if you plan accordingly. Intimate feel? Still, 100% yes!

LANY The Ritz Raleigh NC hericane

Although we got there “early” and waited in an insane line, the picture above shows the crowd packed in when doors opened. Luckily it was early enough for a perfect view from upstairs and room to dance! I was absolutely in awe of their show and how much has changed over the past few years. Every song had endless amounts of energy from the band and the crowd. We even ran into a couple who had also attended the “Cat’s Cradle Hericane” show in 2016. Seeing the number of people screaming back those same lyrics at a much higher volume was wild. You can count on LANY to make any gig feel intimate yet monumental.

Hericane LANY and their fans are coming at you like a category 5 with no signs of slowing down. Let’s hope it’s the only one we have to look out for this season.



Listen to their newest release with Julia Michaels here and check out these fan-favorite tracks below!