MONACO Premieres Vulnerable Single “Voilà”

MONACO premieres Voila

On first listen to the band MONACO, you would never guess they are newcomers to the indie-pop scene. Having only two other tracks released, the group has already sparked interest and buzz worldwide. Today MONACO premieres their new bittersweet single, “Voilà,” exclusively on PoetryDansLaRue. We delve deeper into the personal backstory of how the song came together and experience the rollercoaster of “Voilà.”

“But babe, I’m already baskin’, now I’m askin’ to spend with you eternity…”

“So go ahead and let love in…”

MONACO: A State of Mind

When singer/songwriter Daniel Davis of MONACO began releasing music, he quickly realized that he would need to recruit some of his friends to help make his vision come to life. One of those friends, Chase Lawrence of the buzz-worthy group COIN, encouraged him to release a previously written track “Such a Vibe,” in December 2018. Almost immediately after release, Davis saw an influx of positive feedback. The song was featured in The Daily Listening, and he received requests for live shows all over the world.

Davis soon went on to add members and friends Josh and Christian to the band. The songs that the group has released since, “Blondes” and currently “Voilà,” are original songs all produced by Davis as well. The Los Angeles based indie-pop trio now encompasses the idea of MONACO. The concept of MONACO, once a college dream getaway and goal to pursue a music career. Today this idea is not only a popular destination but a state of mind, a more personal one for the band in regards to religion. MONACO is now a state of mind in which everyone can experience while listening to their music.

“You take me to the place where my soul is saved…”

Intergenerational Inspiration

One of the most intriguing things to talk about in the music industry today is the overlap of genres and generations that artists incorporate into their music. The band MONACO does an outstanding job of combining generations and crossing genres to achieve their timeless soundtrack anthem sound. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of ’80s artists such as The Cure, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue, MONACO has developed a knack for nostalgic tunes. The influences don’t stop there as MONACO cites indie-rock bands The Killers, Passion Pit, Walk the Moon, and Kings of Leon as crucial players as well. You can check out a playlist curated by the band of the songs that inspired the making of “Voilà” here!

“All I know is that with you I’m safe…”

MONACO Premieres Voilà!

While the new single “Voilà” may lead fans to believe the band is shifting in sound, the song, and the original chorus date back to late 2014. MONACO recounts, “The early days of “Voilà” sounded A LOT like “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, but later on, after revisiting the song and going through some significant life changes more of the ’80s and ’90s sounds took over.” The band also compares the track to a rollercoaster. “The song starts slow, builds, and takes you on a ride, much like your emotions throughout a relationship,” Davis elaborates.

The song itself encapsulates an emotional and spiritual journey over four years. Singer Daniel explains, “You learn not only to be the best person for someone else but the best person for yourself as well.” “Voilà” is very near and dear to the singer and his wife as it tells their story of learning to trust each other through the ups and downs of their relationship. The “Voilà” moment that they experienced in meeting each other led Davis to revisit the song and finally put a title to it. The song came together at the perfect time, similar to the picture-perfect love story he paints in the lyrics.

Listen to “Voilà” by MONACO as an exclusive early premiere, and be sure to stream it on Spotify tomorrow!

Looking Ahead

The band MONACO has a few more singles up their sleeves for future release. Some of these songs they describe as fresh and brand new material. MONACO is also looking ahead and brainstorming ideas for an album release show. From the sounds of it, some lucky family, friends, and fans may be getting some special treatment in thanks for their continuous support! You can follow the band on Instagram to stay updated and share your thoughts on the new single.