“January Fire” by Black Tiger Bay Is Here to Soothe Your November Blues

January Fire by Black Tiger Bay

Alternative rock artist, Black Tiger Bay out of Minneapolis, is known for his nostalgic, guitar-heavy singles. His music emulates the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Manchester Orchestra, and Weezer all wrapped in one. Take one listen to”January Fire” by Black Tiger Bay, and you will instantly recall those moody tunes from your younger years. The new single combines a signature, magnetic intro with emotional lyrics as it builds to a dramatic yet soothing outro. “January Fire” will undoubtedly have you hanging on to every second.

“January Fire,

Wading through the mire,

Oh, you turned out a fearsome creature…”

Black Tiger Bay Finds “Clarity”

Singer, songwriter, and producer Cole Hooey started in the music industry quite some time ago with the pop-rock band The Season. Nine years after The Season parted ways, he began a new solo project. Now, as Black Tiger Bay, Hooey has more of an alternative-rock feel that suits his unique approach. Hooey, who is now married and a father of one, implements his expertise in writing music to further his career as a vocalist and artist. He is a self-taught singer, lyricist, producer, and mixer of his work. While creating his upcoming album, he collaborated with drummer Erik Bear and mastering engineer Seth Munson.

Under the new moniker, Black Tiger Bay, his debut single, “Clarity,” is the perfect title for a new dad turned solo artist. “Clarity” is a song that will pull you in with just one listen. Hooey breaks down the significance of the leading track in our interview, “Clarity” is one of the higher energy tracks of the upcoming album. It captures the overall spirit of the project and sets the tone for the rest of the songs.”

“And I think I love it more than I should…”

Emotions Run High In “January Fire”

It is easy to see the influence that “Clarity” had on Black Tiger Bay’s most recent single, “January Fire.” The two singles make the perfect pair as an introduction to his newly evolved sound. Hooey’s musicality and instrumental background play a crucial part in his songwriting. He explains that his songs will start by humming guitar melodies and then building the instrumentals. Hooey recalls, “I start with a guitar part and end up fleshing that into a full instrumental. Vocals and lyrics usually don’t come easy for me. They tend to come a little later in the game.”

Oddly enough, one lyric that stands out in “January Fire” came from an Instagram post. The lyric “I think I love it more than I should” resonated with Hooey. The line became the foundation on which the song’s story unfolded. Upon writing and rewriting other lyrics around it, he realized that his newborn son, who battled health complications early on, was his inspiration and “January Fire.”

“January Fire” keeps listeners enthralled and eager for more while conveying that life is fragile. The song intimately addresses the feeling of uncertainty and worry. While soothing and intriguing, it also echos a haunting reverberation in your mind.

“A tail is worth chasing only half of the time…”

“Clarity” and “January Fire” will surely drive Black Tiger Bay into the new year as he continues to build momentum for future releases. Stay tuned for more from Black Tiger Bay by following him on social media and stream “January Fire” below.