MONACO’s “Cover Girl” is a Nostalgic Throwback for the New Decade

MONACO "Cover Girl"
Single Art by Kendall Haines

The last time we spoke with the band MONACO, they premiered their third single “Voilà” on PoetryDansLaRue in October. You can read more on the band’s backstory on our post, MONACO Premieres Vulnerable Single “Voilà.” At the rate that they produce boppy ’80s singles, the band should be on track to put out a nostalgic EP in the new decade. Today MONACO ring in 2020 by surprising fans with new single “Cover Girl.”

“You’re like a shot straight through my veins…”

Celebrating 2020 with a Tribute to the ’80s

“Cover Girl” by MONACO is out today on all streaming platforms. The band cites ’80s rock icons, Def Leppard, as the primary inspiration for the track. Singer and songwriter Daniel Davis of the L.A. local band explains, “I wanted to write a song that would make all of the iconic rock bands of the ’80s proud.” Davis continues to reference some of his other ’80s idols, Scorpions and Toto, as influences.

The concept of “Cover Girl” as a tribute to ’80s rock bands seems to come at the perfect time. As we celebrate 2020 and look back on the past four decades of music, the ’80s brought us innovative ideas and timeless hits. Many artists of today draw inspiration from this era and reference it in their work.

“I keep my edges real rough cause you make my heart velvet on the inside…”

Unveiling True Love

The song touches upon the feelings that occur at the beginning of a new relationship. Singer Daniel Davis recalls back to when he first met his wife, “It’s a rush of emotions. It was different this time because I felt like I waited my whole life for this moment. After making it official, I began to feel an intense mixture of happiness and fear. I worried that my heart would get broken again and that I wouldn’t be enough for her. She made me believe that I am enough.”

The song is a reflection of how love begins and challenges each person to reveal their true selves. Davis highlights some personal memories in the song from that uncertain, yet exciting time in their relationship. He discusses visiting San Francisco and not wanting to leave after. He questions, “Will you let me into your world, or is this just a cover, girl?”

The concept of “Cover Girl” comes full circle with a photo of his wife putting on makeup on their wedding day as the artwork. The song is apprehensive, captivating, and undeniably nostalgic of ’80s rock music.

Be sure to stream “Cover Girl” available now on all platforms and share your thoughts on social media. Happy New Year from PoetryDansLaRue and MONACO!

“Are you the one? I say you are. I say you are…”