On the Rise: The Young Something

The Young Something

The Tampa, Florida, alternative-pop duo, The Young Something, inspired a new feature on PoetryDansLaRue with their angsty and captivating tunes. This month, the group appears on the blog as the first “On the Rise” artist of 2020. The young duo recently released a new dreamlike single, “She,” on January 10th. Today we chat with Alex Bonyata and Bella Beyer of The Young Something about their journey as artists, turning points in their careers, and “She.”

Young Start for The Young Something

PoetryDansLaRue: How long have you worked together, and how did you start as artists?

The Young Something: “We started making music together in 2015. We did a summer songwriting program in high school called ‘The Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project.’ The program sparked us to write together, and eventually, it grew outside of that. We haven’t stopped writing since. It will be about five years of us working together. For the first two years, we were an acoustic indie-folk duo (under the name AB+). Around the beginning of 2018, we rebranded, changed our name, developed our new sound, and became The Young Something.”

PDLR: What other changes did you make to your band when you changed your name?

TYS: “We played as a duo for the early part of our career. We wanted to be able to rock out on stage, so we brought in a full band. We got a drummer and a bassist. Several different musicians step in. It’s great to be able to expand.”

‘About This’ EP

PDLR: The new EP, ‘About This,’ sounds very indie-pop-punk. What sounds or influences were you thinking of when you developed your introduction EP as The Young Something?

TYS: “Our sound went from indie-folk to more so alternative-pop on this EP. We have always been big fans of Jack Antonoff as a producer and songwriter. We are also fans of Lorde, so when those two collaborated for her album, that played a huge part in inspiring the sound on our EP.”

Notable Moments

PDLR: What are some career highlights that you have experienced since you’ve worked together as The Young Something?

TYS: “We have had some pretty incredible opportunities. One of our most notable moments is that we played in support of Ringo Starr! We did SXSW for the first time in 2019, and we recently got confirmation that we will be a part of 2020 SXSW as well.”

“She”-January 10th Anthemic Single

PDLR: How does your new single “She” compare or differ from your other tracks?

TYS: “It is a rather anthemic track to add to our musical repertoire. When we write songs, it feels like such a journey, and I (Bella) feel strongly connected to this song. We were eager to put it out and see the response. “She” has a slightly different vibe from our other tracks.”

“I see you. Got that original style, Lana Del Rey smile, confidence that goes for miles..”

“She” one hundred percent exudes the signature style à la Jack Antonoff that The Young Something mentions as inspiration for their songs. The vocal is soft and soothing, while the production adds a yearning and urgent call to emotion. The lyrics could be a page torn from Taylor Swift’s diary. The single paints the perfect picture of longing in a dramatic, ‘scream-your-heart-out, driving with the windows down’ pop anthem.

The Young Something has an exciting 2020 ahead and plans to release several singles at the beginning of the year. The group is looking forward to SXSW and hopes to build a wider-range tour shortly after. Stream “She” on all music platforms and follow The Young Something on social media below.