On the Rise: The Perfect “Time” for FABER


South London soulful singer-songwriter, FABER, celebrates the release of her new single “Time” as PoetryDansLaRue’s On the Rise artist of the month. FABER’s passion for music, embedded in her youth, came to fruition with the release of her first EP ‘I AM’ in 2018. The momentum from the EP shines through in her powerful yet mournful track “Time,” released Wednesday. Today we delve deeper into the track for an exclusive interview with FABER.

FABER on JoBros Inspo

PoetryDansLaRue: I saw that you took an interest in music at a very young age. When did you begin writing your songs?

FABER: “I started writing music when I was in my early to mid-teens. I have a graveyard of unused tunes on my laptop that never developed into something more. I remember loving the Jonas Brothers when they first became famous, and that spurred me to write a lot. Specific moments stick out in my mind from my childhood. I remember when I was about five years old, I made up a silly hook after “bath time” and would sing it all the time. My sister and I still laugh about it to this day. “

Strong Support System

PDLR: Who helped you along the way to achieve your goals in music since then?

FABER: “My friend Tom, who I wrote “Time” with, has significantly helped develop my writing. He’s a fantastic pianist and comes up with incredible harmonies. I feel like we understand each other when we write. We are always on the same wavelength.

My family and friends play a huge role in supporting me, as well. They always come to my gigs and encourage me to do things if I’m too shy or hesitant. They believe that no goal is unreachable.”

“Time Heals the Wounds Love Makes”-FABER

PDLR: “Time” is an emotionally raw and transparent single. Can you go deeper into the story and tell us about the background?

FABER: “Time” is about the pain of being endlessly available for someone you love and the unbearable yearning for them to give you the same attention that you give them.  It’s about obedience in love but also knowing when to call it quits. I wrote the opening verse when someone I was seeing canceled on me for the umpteenth time. I felt weighed down with sadness and self-loathing, but on the other hand, I could not stop myself from pining for their affection.”

PDLR: You mentioned writing the song with Tom Althorpe. Can you talk about that collaboration and the process of how the song came together?

FABER: “I remember walking into my parent’s bedroom after the guy just canceled, and with a heavy sigh, I sang out the first verse without any thought. I already knew how the song went. I felt the pain so deeply I think it just poured out of me straight away. After that, I wrote a few more lyrics and then brought it to Tom to help me mold it. I’m a simpleton when it comes to chords, so he did the goods on this one! We sat in our university rehearsal rooms for a bit and wrote the rest together. I have the video I recorded of us making it on my Instagram.”

“Always thought that you were right for me, you’ve always made me sing from the heart…”

Album on the Horizon

PDLR: Can you reveal any plans for 2020?

FABER: “In 2020, I am dreaming some things into existence! With some luck and a sprinkle of fairy dust, hopefully, we will see my debut album come out with a few singles leading up to it. I’ve got a few big shows booked and am overall very excited to see where things lead.”

“Time” is a song that immediately draws you in and forces you to feel the heartbreak that FABER recounts. It is a ‘hook you on the first listen’ type of track that will have you widening your eyes and applauding her vocal strength and poise. Stream “Time,” available now on all platforms, and keep up with FABER below!