“Petals” by Phavors: A Pensive, Breathtaking Debut Single

Petals by Phavors

Have you ever heard a song that made you feel like it spoke directly to you? It could be the emotion it gives off, the nostalgia it might bring about, or the lyrics that pertain to something you are facing at that moment. The debut single “Petals” by Phavors, a New Jersey ambient indie-rock and folk duo, is a call about coming to terms with yourself in the most beautiful way.

Phavors consists of songwriter, producer, and recording artist Phil Marflak alongside the vocals of Kayla DeRosa. The two recently formed to give life to songs that Marflak wrote for his final project at Berklee. Today we have the opportunity to speak with Phil about the new single during this exciting time for the group.

“Love Can Stain Like Flowers Stain an Open Field”-Phavors

“Petals” quickly draws listeners into a calming and self-reflecting journey. The song has remnants of Sigur Ros and Bon Iver, both mentioned by Phavors as inspiration for the track. Soothing vocals from Kayla DeRosa cut through with a bit of raspiness à la Billie Eilish. The eerie acoustic genre also sets the tone for the song’s mood.

Marflak recalls the beginning of the songwriting process, “The assignment was to produce a three-song EP of another artist or yourself. I wanted to use it as an opportunity to release my music. “Petals” took about four months to write, record, and mix and was mastered during the fifth month.”

When it came to recording the songs, DeRosa stepped in, and some revamping occurred. Marflak explains, “Petals” didn’t always have an acoustic guitar intro. It started as a different genre altogether.”

“Petals Fall, One by One”-Phavors

While the meaning of “Petals” is up for interpretation, the theme of the EP relates to honesty and facing hard truths. Marflak admits, “It’s about learning to process what is happening, recognizing the ambiguous nature of life and our emotions. Particularly, it is about accepting what may be challenging to accept.”

He adds, “Petals” is fitting as the lead single because I feel it is the best of the three songs. This song means a lot to me, and I think that it is an excellent vessel for the message behind introducing Phavors. We want to welcome honesty and vulnerability, even when things are challenging.”

Going along the lines of the theme of the EP, Marflak gives us some insight, “Petals” is about self-reflection and admitting something that may be difficult to accept about yourself. It’s about the process of self-improvement and understanding your flaws. These things are natural and okay, and there’s always a way to improve.”

“Oh, I Wish the Wind Would Blow These Petals Away

Oh, I’ll Keep Just One and Look at it Some Days”

“Petals” by Phavors combines sonic ingredients, alluring vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics. The debut single suggests that life is full of ups and downs, but there is always a way to move forward.