MR. MONACO to Release New Single “Blush” as Free Gift; Stresses Message of Unity

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Los Angeles artist MR. MONACO, formerly of the band MONACO, announced the following message to fans about his new single “Blush”:

Blush Single

The singer also released this detailed statement:

“As many of you know, the new single was already scheduled for release and sent to music stores for June 5th. However, given the tragic murder of George Floyd, it has caused all of us to pause and reflect on our own lives and how we should take time to understand one another better. We must unite against evil. I still believe love is stronger than hate; that good can overcome evil. But not apart. We are better together. We are stronger together. 
That said, despite the single already being sent out to streaming platforms (which was done months ago), I decided to make it available to download for free as a gift. I hope this can serve as a blessing and bring joy to everyone amid all the suffering and pain people are feeling right now.
If you still choose to stream the song, I encourage you to donate to charities of your own choice, to the Floyd family, as well as black business owners and families in need.
We all need each other. There is strength in our unity. Perfect love casts out ALL fear.
God bless,
– Daniel”

Here are some ways you can help:

// Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
// Official Gianna Floyd Fund
// Color of Change
// Reclaim the Block
// Anti-racism Resources

First Listen: “Blush”

“Blush” premieres exclusively on our blog today. It will be available on streaming platforms as a free download to everyone. Listen to the Phantom of the Opera inspired single below and continue reading for more insight on the revamped sound of the newly solo artist.

Introducing MR. MONACO

Since we last spoke with Daniel Davis of MONACO, some major changes have occurred. Davis recently revealed that he is now pursuing a solo career under the moniker MR. MONACO. “Blush” is the first single of this new era and the first glimpse for fans into the newer sound.

The artist elaborates on the concept of “Blush,” “the single is part of an upcoming project inspired by my modern take on The Phantom of the Opera. The protagonist in the song is pursuing the girl and is praising everything he loves about her.” You can hear the musical influence from the iconic play in the production and instrumentation (cue after the chorus). The story centers around the idea of a masquerade ball in a nightclub and substitutes pop music for the classical opera.

Davis explains, “The single is one of many that display my influences growing up. From Michael Jackson, Prince, Charlie Wilson, to Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, and Israel Houghton.” “The upcoming project has eclectic influences such as indie-pop, R&B, Gospel, and Hip-Hop.”

We hope that this music brings you joy. Music is something that comforts us and helps us find the words when we cannot. We can all DO better and dig deeper within ourselves to BE better. We should not shy away from the things that help us to become better.