Hi, I’m Kasey. I’m a French teacher of 7 years with an extreme concert addiction. One of the many things that I enjoy as a French teacher is incorporating music into my teaching. While focusing on one career path can be rewarding in many ways, it has also been a little restricting. Since my interests tend to be powered by music and language, I decided to try something new.

So in the world of college recommendation letters here is my ‘Music Blogger Brag Sheet’:

  • This is slightly embarrassing, but I have seen over 150 artists live in about 14 different states and three countries
  • I speak two languages and am familiar with artists in the English and French-speaking worlds
  • Speaking two languages is also proof that I do not have a #slendergraspongrammar
  • I have developed interviewing skills in both languages
  • I also have advanced social media and networking skills in my niche
  • My husband has the best luck in the world and wins tickets to nearly every small-medium size show in the Raleigh area. Therefore, more shows to attend, acts to discuss, and connections to make

This blog comes from many, many years of being a music fan and wanting to create a place to promote new artists and allow fans to discover them. I hope to connect artists to fans and vice versa while remaining a genuine music fan myself.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what’s new at PoetryDansLaRue! //