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New Music: Seven Songs Seven Genres

We are interrupting your Friday Eve with new music from a diverse group of upcoming artists. Luckily, we didn’t have to go further than our inbox to find a variety of new music to soundtrack your work week blues and get an early start to the weekend. Scroll through to your favorite genre or check out all seven tracks and more on our weekly new music playlists.

*POETRY DANS LA RUE strives to promote new and upcoming artists in the music scene all over the world. Our goal is to provide a platform to ‘on the rise’ artists and encourage fans to discover new music.


New music upcoming artists

// “Lost Sheep” by Onyi Moss //-Singer-Songwriter

Singer-songwriter Onyi Moss takes you on a dreamy journey in her new release “Lost Sheep.” The Manchester based British/Nigerian artist’s soothing voice will be the perfect addition to your meditation or relaxation playlist to cure those Sunday Scaries.

// “Heartbroken in a Honkey Tonk” by J. Antonette //-Country

Our Nashville country queen J. Antonette has the cure for your achy breaky heart. Drown out your tears with a few tequila shots and some Cayote Ugly style bar dancing to “Heartbroken in a Honkey Tonk”.

// “You Said” by Misa //-Trip Hop

London-based trip hop singer Misa released airy break-up single “You Said,” last Friday. Her unique style of combining dance music with smooth ambient sounds and elements of hip-hop introduces a genre that is entirely new to us as listeners. The track sounds as if a cool evening sea breeze is whispering her feelings.

// “DIS MOI” by Omran //-French Rap/Hip-Hop

Maintenant pour un peu de musique française. “DIS MOI” est un nouveau morceau par rappeur et chanteur français Omran. Sa voix douce peint une image de couples dansant sous le coucher de soleil à la fin d’été. On veut vraiment danser !

// “TALK RICH” by HeyStax //-Rap/Hip-Hop

Upcoming Atlanta, GA artist Heystax released his third studio album entitled “A Beautiful Way to Let Go,” last Friday. The ATL rapper brings the heat with single “Talk Rich” that could easily be played on repeat with windows down all summer long. Be sure to check out the rest of the album as well! Some of our other favorite tracks are “Break the Rules,” “Believe,” and “Right Hand Man.”

// “Kick It Up” by Michelle Fabre //-Pop

New York based pop singer-songwriter Michelle Fabre blessed us with all-out dance anthem, “Kick It Up.” The new track exudes elements of 80s dance music alongside upbeat pop vocals to serve as a great addition to your summer playlist. Michelle is certainly an artist to watch as she has been breaking the scene in NYC.

// “10:36” by beabadoobee //-Alternative

Indie-alternative artist beabadoobee (bee-uh-buh-doo-bee) is no stranger to the new music scene. Beatrice Laus of Dirty Hit Records will release her second studio album, Beatopia, on July 15th. “10:36” is the third single from her highly anticipated sophomore album. “10:36” sounds like a background track to a 90s movie, filled with lines of angsty spoken voice. We are fully prepared for this album to take us on a nostalgic 90s flashback of luscious female vocals.


Friends At The Falls Mirrors Message to “Be the Change”

Friends At The Falls Be the Change

Press play on “Be the Change” by New York Alternative band, Friends At The Falls, and you will picture yourself dancing in an open field at a music festival. Friends At The Falls cites this exact idea as part of the story behind the new single. Band members Jake and Matt recall, “At the time, we were both looking to write an upbeat anthemic song, with a chorus that a crowd of fans could scream back at us.” We can’t praise them enough for capturing this feeling of endless summer and carefree atmosphere in a song.

Best Friends and Band Mates

Jake Stam and Matt Montgomery are lifelong best friends turned band members out of Croton Falls, NY. Jake went to school for audio production and began taking music and songwriting seriously after high school. Upon asking Matt to join him as a collaborator, Friends At The Falls was born in 2016.

Friends At The Falls began releasing Alternative Rock/Indie Pop music as a duo in 2018. Since their debut, the band feels they have improved their production and songwriting. After drawing inspiration from artists such as The Killers, Coldplay, and Springsteen, among others, they now pride themselves on their original sound.

Quick Q&A On “Be the Change”

POETYDANSLARUE: Can you talk about the story and writing process behind “Be the Change?”

Friends At The Falls: “At the time, Jake took inspiration from M83 and the idea that you can use your voice as an instrument. Jake made the “yell” sample in the intro and wrote the chord sequence on a synth. We were both looking to write an upbeat anthemic song, with a chorus that a crowd of fans could scream back at us.”

PDLR: Is there anything special about this song that you would like to share with fans?

FATF: “We wrote the song two years ago and were waiting until the time felt right to release it. We ended every show with it, and we always received an overwhelming reaction from the crowd whenever we performed it. It’s the song we’re most proud of, and it’s the one that we want people to know us by.”

PDLR: How do you see this song fitting in with your current and future  

FATF: “Our musical genre drifts somewhere between Alternative Rock and Indie Pop. This song is definitely the most “alternative rock” song we have, but we hope to have more songs in this direction with future releases.”

PDLR: Do you have plans for a visual or another type of campaign to go along with “Be the Change?”

FATF: “The music video came out on July 12th (watch below). As far as other visuals go, a lot of desert vibes, and mirrors, focusing on one’s self-desire to “be the change they’ve never been.”

Uncertainty may be a defining quality of 2020, but the reflection proposed by Friends At The Falls is timeless. The message sits in an awe-inspiring upbeat track echoing in your head to simply “Be the Change.”



Resources to Support Black Lives Matter & Anti-Racism

We have compiled a list of ways to help support the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Black Lives Matter as well as some anti-racism resources. There are A LOT of resources and different ways to donate, support, and learn during this time. We will continue to add to this post, so check back regularly for updates. Life-long learning is essential for everyone.

Black Lives Matter Anti-Racism


Official George Floyd Memorial Fund (US)

Official Gianna Floyd Fund (US)

Black Lives Matter (US)

Reclaim the Block (US)

I Run with Maud (US)

Justice for Breonna Taylor (US)

Solidarité avec les victimes de violences policières (FR)

Afrique au féminin (Québec)


Color of Change (US) (US)

Colorlines (US)


Views for a Vision : Watch to Donate Through YouTube Ads!

Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples (MRAP) (FR)

SOS racisme (FR)


Anti-Racism Resource Guide (EN)

The Show Must Be Paused Google Doc (EN)

#BlackLivesMatter Google Doc (EN)

Ressources anti-racismes à destination des personnes blanches (FR)


Bandcamp: In the Direct Support of Black Musicians Google Sheet

Support Black Artists Spotify Playlist



Brittany’s Record Shop (Cleveland)

Freshtopia (Norfolk)

Funk Trunk Records (Richmond)

Halsey & Lewis (Brooklyn)

HighFidelity (LA)

Jampac Records (Charlotte)

JB’s Record Lounge (Atlanta)

Moodies Records (Bronx)

OffBeat (Jackson)

Re-Runz Reocrds (Orlando)


“Question ‘Structures’ & ‘Priviledge’ When Making Fall Reopening Plans”

“Teachers Must Hold Themselves Accountable for Dismantling Racial Oppression”

“Being Anti-Racist”


Triangle Area Black-Owned Businesses (Extensive list from WRAL)



American Son

Dear White People

See You Yesterday

When They See Us

If Beale Street Could Talk

The Hate U Give


Heavy: An American Memoir

How to be Anti-Racist

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

So You Want to Talk About Race

Their Eyes Were Watching God

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

For more ways to support Black Lives Matter and learn about anti-racism, follow these accounts on Instagram


"Drunk on Me" J. Antonette

Weekend Music for the Soul: “Drunk on Me” by J. Antonette

"Drunk on Me" J. Antonette

Songwriting is truly the art of telling your story through music. Artists and songwriters are the first to imagine the bones of a new song based on personal experiences. Those first elements are near and dear to an artist’s heart and message. When these details of songwriting resonate with a broader audience, they create a feeling of mutual understanding between artist and listener. Today, Nashville country artist J. Antonette shares her story and collaborative insight behind her emotionally raw hit single “Drunk on Me.”

// Introducing J. Antonette //

J. Antonette started her music career as a background singer for the well-known country-rock artist Melissa Etheridge. She then went on to backup Grammy Award Winning Artist Michael Bolton and open for a variety of country artists, including Jordan Davis and Tucker Beathard. Originally from NYC, Antonette has since relocated to pursue country music in Nashville. She currently releases music as well as collaborates with other artists as a songwriter.

We are excited to have the opportunity to speak with J. Antonette about the making of her recent single, “Drunk on Me,” which addresses the difficulty of a relationship that you know may not be good for you.

“He drives my heart like he stole it”

PoetryDansLaRue: I love the rawness of “Drunk on Me.” The clarity of the vocal and ballad-like style paints a clear picture. Can you tell us about the early stages of the song?

J. Antonette: “Thank you so much! While writing a different song with my friend Lyndee, she mentioned that she and another writer, Colleen Francis, had an idea that would be a great fit for me. Lyndee and I spoke about what I was going through in my personal life. When she sent me the work-tape, I immediately knew I had to be a part of this. At the time, I was with a person who displayed addictive tendencies. It felt like I was living the exact idea of the song. I loved it when he was drunk on me. The highs and lows. The thrills and the crash. I think I tend to get in these toxic relationships and cling to the good instead of all of the red flags. Many of us can relate to being love drunk at one point or another.” 

“The ladies were so wonderful to let me join in on the creation of it. I took some time sitting at a coffee shop with tears in my eyes. I wrote in some details from my relationship that I was in the process of leaving. This time allowed me to put my spin on it.” 

PDLR: I enjoy hearing how multiple perspectives combine to create a song that felt perfect for you at the time. How do you usually go about songwriting? Do you often work with other songwriters?

J. Antonette: “My process ranges from writing alone, in my apartment in the darkest hours of the night to weekly scheduled co-writes. I have about four writing sessions a week with different writers whom I admire or respect. I never want to be the best writer in the room. When I work with others who push me and are extremely talented, it helps make me a better writer.”

“When it comes to how I write or what I write about, I usually pull from experiences that I’m going through at the time.  If I feel passionate about a topic, that may inspire me as well. I love collaborating with other artists. It forces you to work harder instead of settling for what you believe is “good enough.”

“Young, reckless, and free”

PDLR: I agree that working with others can only benefit you as an artist. Who else do you work with on your songs as far as instrumentation and production go?

J. Antonette: “For each of my songs thus far, I’ve worked with different producer friends! I’m blessed to be surrounded by incredible talent both in L.A, Nashville, and NYC. “Drunk On Me” was produced by Johnny Dibb with additional instrumentation by Tyler Tomlinson.”

PDLR: Since you moved to Nashville, what opportunities have shaped you as a musician?

J. Antonette: “I think when you move to Nashville, you have to step up your game. Not just as a singer, but as a writer AND performer. You have to work harder than the person next to you. This town is home to the most talented musicians in the nation! I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world performing with musicians and write with new artists whom I admire. I’ve joined the community and performed at some amazing writers rounds in town. It’s been a beautiful experience! My very first gig in Nashville was the well-known showcase, “Whiskey Jam.”

PDLR: Do you have new songs coming out soon?

J. Antonette: “I have been writing my butt off! I do have plans to release new songs in 2020, but right now I have not decided on which to release. I’m trying to push myself to write my best work and then pick from them!”

“I love when he’s drunk on me”

// For the Listener //

“Drunk on Me” is our take on a breakup song before you bid the final goodbye. The listener can feel the pull of the relationship where you know it’s not right, but you stay anyway. There is a bittersweet side to the song when the singer shares the story from her point of view, “He doesn’t look good on paper, I know his record shows, he’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s different when we are alone…”

We can picture this song being played in the car when you are questioning if something feels right or wrong. “Drunk on Me” by J. Antonette can be your next breakup song, comfort song, power song, or even love song. It is up to your interpretation of what the song means to you at a particular moment. The beauty of music begins with the songwriters’ and artists’ personal experiences but transfers wide and deep across endless barriers.



Blush Single

MR. MONACO to Release New Single “Blush” as Free Gift; Stresses Message of Unity

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Los Angeles artist MR. MONACO, formerly of the band MONACO, announced the following message to fans about his new single “Blush”:

Blush Single

The singer also released this detailed statement:

“As many of you know, the new single was already scheduled for release and sent to music stores for June 5th. However, given the tragic murder of George Floyd, it has caused all of us to pause and reflect on our own lives and how we should take time to understand one another better. We must unite against evil. I still believe love is stronger than hate; that good can overcome evil. But not apart. We are better together. We are stronger together. 
That said, despite the single already being sent out to streaming platforms (which was done months ago), I decided to make it available to download for free as a gift. I hope this can serve as a blessing and bring joy to everyone amid all the suffering and pain people are feeling right now.
If you still choose to stream the song, I encourage you to donate to charities of your own choice, to the Floyd family, as well as black business owners and families in need.
We all need each other. There is strength in our unity. Perfect love casts out ALL fear.
God bless,
– Daniel”

Here are some ways you can help:

// Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
// Official Gianna Floyd Fund
// Color of Change
// Reclaim the Block
// Anti-racism Resources

First Listen: “Blush”

“Blush” premieres exclusively on our blog today. It will be available on streaming platforms as a free download to everyone. Listen to the Phantom of the Opera inspired single below and continue reading for more insight on the revamped sound of the newly solo artist.

Introducing MR. MONACO

Since we last spoke with Daniel Davis of MONACO, some major changes have occurred. Davis recently revealed that he is now pursuing a solo career under the moniker MR. MONACO. “Blush” is the first single of this new era and the first glimpse for fans into the newer sound.

The artist elaborates on the concept of “Blush,” “the single is part of an upcoming project inspired by my modern take on The Phantom of the Opera. The protagonist in the song is pursuing the girl and is praising everything he loves about her.” You can hear the musical influence from the iconic play in the production and instrumentation (cue after the chorus). The story centers around the idea of a masquerade ball in a nightclub and substitutes pop music for the classical opera.

Davis explains, “The single is one of many that display my influences growing up. From Michael Jackson, Prince, Charlie Wilson, to Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, and Israel Houghton.” “The upcoming project has eclectic influences such as indie-pop, R&B, Gospel, and Hip-Hop.”

We hope that this music brings you joy. Music is something that comforts us and helps us find the words when we cannot. We can all DO better and dig deeper within ourselves to BE better. We should not shy away from the things that help us to become better.


Last Vacation Talks New Single, Music Video, and The 1975

Our most recent interview with Last Vacation has been a long time in the making. Flashback to March 11th, our chats about quarantine were nonexistent but imminent. Fast forward a few days later, and schools closed, tours were canceled, and stay at home orders were upon us. Amid all the chaos, Last Vacation released their anthemic single, “How Could You Hurt Somebody You Love?” on April 17th.

The Boston band has been not so sneaky about their references to The 1975 during the promotion of “How Could You Hurt Somebody You Love.” They even changed their Instagram bio to “A not so good version of The 1975.” We beg to differ, though, and would argue that they are underestimating their unique sound. While fans can surely pinpoint the connections in their work, the distinct vocal and pop-punk feel of the new single does not line up all that much with the Manchester band.

Let’s jump into our interview and dig a bit deeper into the making of “How Could You Hurt Somebody You Love…”

PoetryDansLaRue: Can you take us back to the early days of “HCYHSYL?”

Last Vacation: “This is a song that we wanted to release for a long time. We wrote it about a year ago and now feels like the perfect time to put it out there. “Eternal Romantic” was a slight jump for us, but I think that “HCYHSYL” is more of where we are now.”

PDLR: I’m curious about the process and the backstory of “HCYHSYL” since it is a breakup song…

Last Vacation: “We wrote this one a bit differently. One thing that we were inspired by was something that Blink 182 did on their self-titled album. They each wrote a separate verse and then fit the pieces together. In the case of “HCYHSYL,” Travis Rutzel, the singer, wrote the first half of the song. Then, I (Scott Anderson, drummer) wrote the second half of it, including the choruses. We never wrote a song this way before, Travis was always more of the lyricist.”

“In regards to the lyrics, I was seeing somebody at the time and recently started dating someone else. The relationship fell apart rather quickly, and the feeling of betrayal led me to the phrase “How Could You Hurt Somebody You Love?” I think we were all able to relate to that as a band and realize how it could connect with a broader audience. Everyone has that question for somebody, and you are that question for somebody else. It seems to resonate well with people.”

PDLR: How has “HCYHSYL” translated with a live audience?

Last Vacation: “We noticed over time that it stands out in our set and people seem to respond well to it. We recently did a couple of shows back in early March with PHANGS and Hand Made House, and we were happy with the reaction. We would like to branch out with that song a bit and maybe do a couple of remixes. I was also thinking of doing an acoustic version since we wrote it acoustically. It seems to be THE song. We believe in it, and it’s the most honest track.”

PDLR: How did the video come together for “HCYHSYL?”

Last Vacation: “The video was inspired by how some of The 1975 aesthetic looks very retro, but not really at the same time. It has a lot of neon and high colors. We filmed it in single shots where you see one of us at a time. There’s some splitting and stuff like that. It was kind of a choice to film it that way. It’s been about a year since we released our first video, so this one is pretty big for us.”

There is no doubt that Last Vacation is talented. In this time of self-discovery and reflection, we advise them to continue to define and develop their unique sound.

Check out this former Last Vacation feature on PoetryDansLaRue for more background on the band.



Jotsey "Heroine"

“Heroine” by Jotsey will Haunt your Headphones

Jotsey "Heroine"
Photo by Nathan Ellerton

Do you ever try to gauge whether a song speaks to you within the first seconds? If it doesn’t, you may skip it and move on. If it does, however, it’s the best feeling in the world. Music fans and record labels often search for songs that check all the right boxes. “Heroine” by Jotsey flawlessly hits every mark, while eerily leaving you wanting more.

// First Impressions

Manchester, U.K. singer/songwriter Jotsey, released his third single “Heroine” on April 17th. The addictive track radiates inspiration from the likes of Billie Eilish and Bon Iver. Within seconds, listeners enthrall in bouts of mystery, hushed vocals, and blunt lyrics. Furthermore, “Heroine” delivers a remarkable first impression for the critically trained ear.

As we dig deeper into “Heroine,” we encompass ourselves in several emotions. A haunting introduction builds suspense while piquing curiosity. Soft vocals convey a sense of urgency. Lyrics like, “And you can keep saying that your pride’s intact // I overdosed, overdosed on you,” paint an image of love turned tragedy.

// The Perfect Prescription

A listener’s reaction to something new often relates to their prior connections to music. In the case of “Heroine,” be prepared to go down a nostalgic rabbit hole. Trust us when we say that one of these comparisons is bound to spark your attention.

  • The style of “Heroine” echos Troye Sivan’s vulnerable tracks, “The Good Side” and “Talk You Down.”
  • Jotsey’s succinct vocal is reminiscent of an acoustic Luke Hemmings cover (see ukelele version of “Heroine).
  • Some argue that the eerie production on the song reflects Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over.”
  • Fans of The Spill Canvas and Manchester Orchestra may hear hints of “Connect the Dots” or “Colly Strings.”

While these references may not be deliberate, “Heroine” undeniably fuses emotion-evoking qualities into the ideal blend. The seductive production, whisper-like vocal, and unfiltered lyrics make it the perfect prescription for today’s music industry.

Stream “Heroine” available on all platforms and keep up with Jotsey below!



Chansons caritatives // Songs for Charity
Poster by Haley McCay Designs

Event Details

Chansons caritatives // Songs for Charity is an Instagram TV festival series on @poetrydanslarue. Each IGTV exclusive video features one artist per day in support of a local charity of their choice. The charities and organizations are linked in Instagram stories as well as the IGTV description. Be sure to tune in from April 18th-27th at 4 PM PT // 7 PM ET to support the artists and their cause. Read below for more information on the lineup, schedule, and how to donate.

Chansons caritatives // Songs for Charity Lineup

4/18/20: Hand Made House supporting NCADV

4/19/20: Ian Logue supporting The Elizabeth Hospice Bereavement Camp for Children and Teens

4/20/20: FABER supporting Oakleaf Mental Health Charity

4/21/20: Black Tiger Bay supporting local food shelters

4/22/20: The Foes of Fern supporting The Project Matters and Heartstrings- New Jersey

4/23/20 : Last Vacation supporting Milton Animal League

4/24/20 : SAINT SLUMBER supporting MusiCares and PHL COVID-19 Relief Fund

4/25/20: Wilmah supporting Autism Society of WNY

4/26/20: Jonah Melvon supporting Alameda County Food Bank

4/27/20: Phavors supporting The Jed Foundation

Interested in a feature on our blog? Email or contact @poetrydanslarue on Instagram.

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Phavors Debuts Pensive, Breathtaking Single “Petals”

SAINT SLUMBER ‘YOUTH//3’: The Culmination of ‘YOUTH’

Wilmah Releases Emotional, Risk-Taking Single “It Will Always Be You”

Phavors Debuts Pensive, Breathtaking Single “Petals”

Phavors Petals

Have you ever heard a song that made you feel like it was speaking directly to you? It could be the emotion it gives off, the nostalgia that it might bring about, or the lyrics that pertain to something you are facing at that moment. The debut single “Petals” by New Jersey ambient indie-rock and folk duo, Phavors, is a call upon coming to terms with yourself in the most beautiful way.

Phavors consists of songwriter, producer, and recording artist Phil Marflak alongside the vocals of Kayla DeRosa. The two recently formed to give life to songs that Marflak wrote for his final project at Berklee. Today we have the opportunity to speak with Phil about the new single during this exciting time for the group.

“Love Can Stain Like Flowers Stain an Open Field”

“Petals” quickly draws listeners in to a calming and self-reflecting journey. The song has remnants of Sigur Ros and Bon Iver, both of whom mentioned by Phavors as inspiration for the track. Soothing vocals from Kayla DeRosa cut through with a bit of raspiness à la Billie Eilish. The eerie acoustic genre also sets the tone for the mood of the song.

Marflak recalls the beginning of the songwriting process, “The assignment was to produce a three-song EP of another artist or yourself. I wanted to use it as an opportunity to release my music. “Petals” took about four months to write, record, and mix and was mastered during the fifth month.”

When it came to recording the songs, this is when DeRosa stepped in, and some revamping occurred. Marflak explains, “Petals” didn’t always have an acoustic guitar intro. It started as a different genre altogether.”

“Petals Fall, One by One”

While the meaning of “Petals” is up for interpretation, the theme of the EP relates to honesty and facing hard truths. Marflak admits, “It’s about learning to process what is happening, recognizing the ambiguous nature of life and our emotions. It is about accepting what may be challenging to accept.”

He goes on to add, “Petals” is fitting as the lead single because I feel that it is the best of the three songs. This song means a lot to me, and I think that it is an excellent vessel for the message behind introducing Phavors. We want to welcome honesty and vulnerability, even when things are challenging.”

Going along the lines of the theme of the EP, Marflak gives us some insight, “Petals” is about self-reflection and admitting something that may be difficult to accept about yourself. It’s about the process of self-improvement and understanding your flaws. These things are natural and okay, and there’s always a way to improve.”

“Oh, I Wish the Wind Would Blow These Petals Away

Oh, I’ll Keep Just One and Look at it Some Days”

“Petals” by Phavors is the perfect mix of sonic ingredients, alluring vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics. The debut single suggests that though life is full of ups and downs, there is always a way to move forward.



On the Rise: The Perfect “Time” for FABER

FABER "Time"

South London soulful singer-songwriter, FABER, celebrates the release of new single “Time” as PoetryDansLaRue’s On the Rise artist of the month. FABER’s passion for music, embedded from her youth, came to fruition with the release of her first EP ‘I AM’ in 2018. The momentum from the EP shines through in her powerful, yet mournful track “Time” released Wednesday. Today we delve deeper into the track for an exclusive interview with FABER.

JoBros Inspo

PoetryDansLaRue: I saw that you took an interest in music at a very young age. When did you begin writing your songs?

FABER: “I started writing music when I was in my early to mid-teens. I have a graveyard of unused tunes on my laptop that never developed into something more. I remember loving the Jonas Brothers when they first became famous, and that spurred me on to write a lot. Specific moments stick out in my mind from my childhood. I remember when I was about five years old, I made up a silly hook after “bath time” and would sing it all the time. My sister and I still laugh about it to this day. “

Strong Support System

PDLR: Who helped you along the way to achieve your goals in music since then?

FABER: “My friend Tom, who I wrote “Time” with, has significantly helped develop my writing. He’s a fantastic pianist and comes up with incredible harmonies. I feel like we understand each other when we write. We are always on the same wavelength.

My family and friends play a huge role in supporting me, as well. They always come to my gigs and encourage me to do things if I’m too shy or hesitant. They believe that no goal is unreachable.”

“Time Heals the Wounds Love Makes”

PDLR: “Time” is an emotionally raw and transparent single. Can you go deeper into the story and tell us about the background?

FABER: “Time” is about the pain of being endlessly available for someone you love, and the unbearable yearn for them to give you the same attention that you give them.  It’s about obedience in love, but also knowing when to call it quits. I wrote the opening verse when someone I was seeing canceled on me for the umpteenth time. I felt weighed down with sadness and self-loathing, but on the other hand, I could not stop myself from pining for their affection.”

PDLR: You mentioned writing the song with Tom Althorpe. Can you talk about that collaboration and the process of how the song came together?

FABER: “I remember walking into my parent’s bedroom after the guy just canceled, and with a heavy sigh, I sang out the first verse without any thought. I already knew how the song went. I felt the pain so deeply I think it just poured out of me straight away. After that, I wrote a few more lyrics and then brought it to Tom to help me mold it. I’m a simpleton when it comes to chords, so he did the goods on this one! We sat in our university rehearsal rooms for a bit and wrote the rest together. I have the video I recorded of us making it on my Instagram.”

“Always thought that you were right for me, you’ve always made me sing from the heart…”

Album on the Horizon

PDLR: Can you reveal any plans for 2020?

FABER: “In 2020, I am dreaming some things into existence! With some luck and a sprinkle of fairy dust, hopefully, we will see my debut album come out, with a few singles leading up to it. I’ve got a few big shows booked and am overall very excited to see where things lead.”

“Time” is a song that immediately draws you in and forces you to feel the heartbreak that FABER recounts. It is a ‘hook you on the first listen’ type of track that will have you widening your eyes and applauding her vocal strength and poise. Stream “Time” available now on all platforms and keep up with FABER below!