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How To Design An Idea-Flowing Creative Workspace

When you don’t have the right atmosphere, sitting down and focusing on your craft or being creative can be challenging. Many musicians, writers, artists, photographers, and content creators flourish in the ideal creative workspace and environment. We aren’t talking about a traditional office space or workplace culture, but rather your in-home space or home studio where you create.

Turn your creative workspace or home studio into the ultimate mood board, and the ideas will jump out in front of you. Here are a few tips on how to make your space perfect for you.

Creative Workspace Home Studio

1 // Curate Your Creative Workspace

Fill your space with art, music, and decor that inspires you. This doesn’t have to be expensive to make it motivating. You can use instruments you have, printed photos in black & white, magazines, old albums, vintage tees, antique finds, etc. Include albums or pictures of artists that inspire you (it could be musical artists, writers, poets, artwork, etc.). When you feel stuck, turn to one of those items for ideas.

2 // Start a Collection

A collection of artwork, books, albums, posters, etc., can bring feelings of nostalgia and take you back to when you first discovered it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as reading album notes, lyrics, or a favorite line in a book to spark your creative flow. Collecting also allows you to reflect on the past and see how much you have grown personally or in your career.

3 // Consider What Your Idols/Role Models Would Do

What would Prince do to set the mood and get in the zone of songwriting? How does Taylor Swift craft her most intricate lyrics? What do they surround themselves with? Who do they turn to for support and collaboration?

Picture the image of Prince at Paisley Park or Taylor Swift at Long Pond Studios. If music isn’t your trade, consider these same questions from the viewpoint of your favorite author or creator.

Creative Workspace Home Studio

4 // Create A Mood Board

This can be as simple as creating a mood board on Pinterest or Canva and taping it to your wall. You can have a collage of photos around where you do your writing and brainstorming. Change your mood board with the seasons or new projects that take you to different feelings.

5 // Opt for Multiple Sitting Areas

You can have a desk for a laptop and computers, but consider different seating arrangements for reflecting, recording, filming, and relaxing. Your creative workspace doesn’t always mean sitting down and working in the traditional sense; allow yourself to explore your space and have aspects that encourage you to do so (i.e., the collection, photos, magazines, books, etc.).

6 // Invest Time

Invest a little time daily in your creative workspace, even if you explore ideas and recharge. Investing time in your space and craft doesn’t always resemble writing, playing, singing, creating, or editing. It can be researching your favorite artists, gathering new insights and perspectives, journaling, or enjoying coffee.

Investing time in your audience also plays a part in this; you can do a fun Q&A or try a new style of social media post. The more time you invest in your workspace doing creative things outside of your craft, the more the creative juices will flow during crunch time. For example, I listen to music, decorate, organize albums, and play with my son in my workspace, so I already have intentions and spark when it’s time to work.

Creative Workspace Home Studio

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Instagram Tips for Artists Instagram Tips for Creators

Five Quick & Easy Instagram Tips for Artists and Creators

Whether you’re an emerging artist in the music industry, a social media creator, or launching a small business, these five quick Instagram tips for artists and creators will help you build your brand and reach your audience.

Quick Instagram Tips for Artists 
Instagram Tips for Creators

Instagram Tips for Artists // Instagram Tips for Creators //

1 // Use a Business or Creator Account

While there are slight differences between these two types of accounts on Instagram, both allow you to access Instagram Insights. On Instagram Insights, you can track your analytics by posts, reels, and stories. You will have access to data such as accounts reached (followers vs non-followers) and how they came across your post or reel (hashtags, home, explore, other).

A Business Account is often recommended for small businesses, personal brands, and any account where you may be offering a service or product.

A Creator Account is often recommended for artists, social media influencers, content creators, public figures, and photographers, although personal preferences may differ.

2 // Use Instagram Insights

Once you choose a Business or Creator Account, you can access Instagram Insights and a Professional Dashboard. This will allow you to track when your audience is most active, what time of the day is best to post, and what content your audience engages with the most.

Instagram tips for artists
Instagram for creators

3 // Use Niche-Specific Hashtags

Finding your niche on a social media platform is one of the most important things for social media use. Once you find your niche, you will want to use niche-specific hashtags so your audience can easily find your posts. Examples of niche-specific hashtags include #musicblog #musicdiscovery #vinylcommunity #indiepopartist #ukhiphopartist #folksingersongwriter

4 // Engage in Niche Content

You will want to engage in other content from creators and artists within your niche and community. Share other artists’ posts, music, and reels, and like or comment on their content. If you see something trending in your niche, join the conversation or put your spin on it. Keep building relationships within your niche (other artists, creators, bloggers, music industry professionals, small business owners, etc.).

5 // Collaborate Within Your Niche

Continue to form connections with the community within your niche and collaborate with someone who may allow you to expand your audience. The collaborators could be bloggers, media outlets, or other artists (potentially those with a bigger following than you to expose you to a new audience).

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Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Popular Deals: Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your music-loving friends and family members, we’ve compiled a quick list of the hottest deals for the holiday season. Scroll through top deals from Amazon, Target, Walmart, and record stores in our Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide. Sales start now until the end of December, so stay tuned for price updates and new offers.

Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Amazon Deals: Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guides*

Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide
Music Lovers Holiday Gift

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Target Deals: Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide



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Vinyl: Buy 2, get 1 free on books, movies, & music

Walmart Deals: Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

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Music Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

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Urban Outfitters

Back to School 2023

Back to School 2023 Made Easy with Buzzworthy Amazon Finds

Back to School 2023 Amazon

Back to School 2023 is upon us! Whether you’re sending your little one to their first day of pre-school or preparing to be an empty nester, we’ve got a list that breaks down the top Amazon items. Get inspiration for your little kindergartener with the best school basics, or go all out decorating your college dorm room. Of course, we have to add a little music flair to our shopping. Browse hot items for music lovers, must-have gadgets for study time, and music-themed dorm decor.

Curated Lists of Back to School 2023 Amazon Items by Age

Littles and Elementary Finds*

The littlest schoolgoers will need the basics: a backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, school-friendly clothes and shoes, etc. Start by browsing our curated list of items on Amazon.* Find deals on Amazon Basics clothing and accessories. Deals change daily, so be sure to check prices on the website.

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Popular Items

Bentgo Kinds Lunchbox*: 5-Compartment Lunch Box. Dishwasher safe. Ideal for ages 2-7. Tons of patterns to choose from. Click the image below to shop.

Crocs Unisex Rainboots*: Available in seven color choices. Sizes 6 toddler-13 kids.

UPlee Unicorn School Backpack and Lunchbag Set*: Girls’ backpack with lunchbox included.

Wawakube 3-Piece Boys Dinosaur Backpack*: Set with lunch box and pencil case. Patterns are also available for girls.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet*: Recommended for Ages 3-7. Comes with a case and kickstand.

First & Last Day of School Chalkboard*

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from affiliate links.

Back to School 2023 Amazon: Middle School and High School Finds*

Middle and high schoolers will need various back-to-school staples and maybe more tech gadgets than the little ones. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular items on Amazon for this age group.

Popular Items

Paper Mate Felt Tip Flair Marker Pens*: 24 assorted colors.

Steel Mill & Co Cute Floral Mini Spiral Notebook*: Variety of patterns. Durable hardcover.

TI-Nspire CX II Color Graphing Calculator*: With student software (PC/Mac).

North Face Recon Laptop Backpack*: One size. Multiple color options.

Paxiland Clear Backpack Stadium Approved*: Multiple colors.

Lenovo 2022 IdeaPad 3i-Essential Laptop*: Windows 11 Pro. 8GB Memory. 512GB storage.

Govee RGBIC Table Lamp-Smart Lamp*: Works with Alexa. LED bedside lamp with music sync. Ambiance color changing. Dimmable night light.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from affiliate links.

Back to School 2023 Amazon: Music Lovers College Dorm/Small Spaces*

College students need more home appliances and dorm room decor for heading Back to School. Get inspired with our curated music-themed decor, gadgets, and small space organization hacks. Items include Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, & Daisy Jones-themed finds.

Popular Items

Logitech POP Mechanical Wireless Keyboard*: Customizable emoji keys. Bluetooth & USB connectivity. Comes in multiple colors.

Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker*: Currently on sale. Comes in multiple colors.

Bealam ‘I Hope You Like Taylor Swift’ Welcome Mat*

REACHER Sound Machine Sunrise Alarm Clock*: White noise machine. Natural wake-up light. Bedside reading lamp.

6-Piece Harry Styles Poster Home Decor*: Harry’s House theme. Canvas wall art.

SpaceAid Heavy Duty Moving Bags*: Extra large storage totes with backpack straps. Alternative to moving boxes.

Skywin Vinyl Record Storage Rack*: Holds up to 60 albums—space-saving rack (2 pack).

Sioloc Flower Throw Pillow*: Dorm room decor for bedroom or chair. Many color options.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from affiliate links.